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1st Annual - United Warrior Survivor Foundation - Golf Tournament  --  May 13, 2003
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  • ~~~  What We Hope to Accomplish  ~~~
    Information regarding the
    1st Annual United Warrior Survivor Foundation Golf Tournament
    can be found at


    This is the first opportunity to put our theories into practice. Time passes, things change and people's attitudes about current events become fragmented. Different camps develop but the need to help and get involved and stay involved is greater than ever.

    Now the war on terror is heating up. Iraq is right around the corner; our troops are massing in the dessert. The world is in a heated discussion and our old friends are not so friendly anymore. Except for Britain who has always followed the advice of Winston Churchill, "Never separate yourselves from the Americans". It's a painful thing to watch when the same countries we defeated, liberated, rebuilt and spent billions on their reconstruction and defense; not to mention the lives given - stand on the sideline or worse, oppose us now. But as its been said, "If it's going to be, it's up to me" or rather.... We the people. In the words of an unlikely hero, whose words will in time be immortalized next to Patrick Henry, Thomas Jefferson or John Adams... "Let's Roll".

    We at 9-11HELPAMERICA donated most of the proceeds of our 2nd golf tournament to United Warrior Survivor Foundation. We came upon them like most things we have done so far, by accident. This foundation was just getting started at that time. A friend of Neil Roberts originated it; a Navy SEAL that was blown off a helicopter, onto a mountain in Afghanistan in Operation Anaconda. He survived the fall, fought heroically against an overwhelming enemy but was killed, on a cold and distant mountain, all alone.

    This friend, a Navy SEAL himself, began collecting money for the fallen hero's wife and that is how United Warrior Survivor Foundation originated. Emerson said "What you are shouts so loudly that I can't hear what you say." Another famous quote that comes to mind is "don't speak of love, show me." These are the people making a difference that we want to help and be associated with. Ordinary Americans, coming up with their own ideas in these unordinary times, implementing them and starting something from the heart.

    What we hope to accomplish is to have a successful event, make new friends, and help raise some money for United Warrior Survivor Foundation and hopefully contribute our limited expertise in fundraising to their efforts, and see what happens.... and stay on this path. We can play our golf, worship as we please, enjoy our lives and freedom, our families, our vacations, our BBQs, but more of our guys are going to die fighting this war we didn't ask for ...but have no doubt, we will win it.


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