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From: Fitz-Albert Abraham -- Player
Posted: May 30, 2004

The date was Tuesday May 11, 2004 and the sun was out in all its glory. Hundreds of people milled around on the patio overlooking the first tees of the prestigious Brookside Golf course in Pasadena, California. A huge SUV with loud speakers atop then worked its way onto the fairway. An announcement filled the air, requesting volunteers to carefully remove the largest stars and stripes from the SUV and open it toward the heavens without touching the earth.

I just happened to be one of those fortunate holding up that flag. Instinctively I asked one of the organizers if they were in possession of and was it possible to play the song "God Bless America." The organizer promised to check. Moments later, bombs were not bursting in air but a small plane circled above. As I gazed towards the sky, proudly protecting old glory from mother earth, the loud speakers blared the words of my humble pray "God Bless America."

Still staring skywards with goose bumps overcoming my body, I noticed objects coming from the small plane. A more careful look indicated paratroopers descending right next to the massive flag we were protecting from the earth. Those who descended from that small plane were real heroes; real warriors demonstrating some of the skills it take to protect this wonderful land of ours. The occasion was to honor those who gave their lives so we can be free. We also acknowledged the ones left behind by those brave souls in their quest to keep us free.

In the interest of full disclosure, I must say I do have a special appreciation for freedom. A state of mind that's truly difficult to fathom unless that freedom is taken away. You see, I had my freedom taken away. I am from Grenada. Now a proud American citizen who fully support the united warriors and the purpose for which they stand. May God continue to bless them and the ones they have left behind.

Fitz-Albert Abraham

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