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3rd Annual - United Warrior Survivor Foundation - Golf tournament  --  March 10, 2005
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    3rd Annual Charity Golf Tournament
    Thursday, March 10, 2005
    Brookside Country Club, Pasadena, California
      A special thanks to all those that helped to make this tournament and the entire day a special one. To all those folks from 9/11HelpAmerica Foundation that keep on showing up and suiting up for United Warrior Survivor Foundation and our Special Forces, a heart-felt thanks. All funds collected go to UWSF for the wonderful work they do with the surviving spouses and children of our Fallen Warriors.  
              Mike Talleda
      Golf $20,500.00  
      Sponsors $17,350.00  
      Donations $750.00  
      Special Donations - Air Fares $2,104.26  
      Raffles / Auctions / Other Games $8,550.00  
      Dinner $450.00  
      Total Income $49,704.26  
      Green Fees $9,715.00  
      Refreshments / Lunch / Dinner $8,581.33  
      Pre-Tournament Expenses $4,426.30  
      Airfare and lodging for our Special Guests $6,986.64  
      Jenn, Tracy, Lisa, Stephanie, Courtney, and Mary Ellen    
      Surviving Spouses of our Fallen Warriors of the Special Forces    
      Total Expenses $29,709.27  
      Net Income $19,994.99  
      Additional Tournament Related Expenses
    Paid by Others as Donations to Foundation
      In addition to the many hours of work donated, there are some unique and additional costs that are always a part of the expenses of the tournament and are paid others. This year is no exception. In addition to their Event Sponsorship, most of these expenses were paid by Ken and Vickie Pierce of KV Production / Golf Gym. Thanks, not just for the money, but for the special touch you brought to the table this year.  
      Badges & Corsages $60.00  
      Mailing Lists Cards $15.00  
      Supplies for Mattel Baskets $90.15  
      Flag Pins $500.00  
      Staplers, Pens, etc. $15.95  
      Designing UWSF Program $550.00  
      Golf Balls & Tee Bags $322.93  
      Wine (48 bottles) $274.94  
      Raffles & Related Supplies $50.12  
      Posters, Rules, & Schedules $185.00  
      T-Shirts $1,328.97  
      Screen & Video Projector $380.00  
      Pre-Tournament Dinner $720.00  
      Total Additional Expenses $4,492.70  
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