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2nd Annual - United Warrior Survivor Foundation - Golf Tournament  --  May 11, 2004
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  • ~~~  What We Hope to Accomplish  ~~~
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    2nd Annual United Warrior Survivor Foundation Golf Tournament
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    In the Beginning

    The rabbit was asked... Can you really out run the coyote? His response was "I have to"...

    In the beginning...When hunters and gatherers first realized that they can make the land produce everything they would need to survive, they stopped being nomadic hunters and gatherers, constantly looking for game and food, and they became farmers. They planted crops, domesticated animals and the village was born. Soon after civilization began, differences in villages began and soon thereafter, Wars began. This is the unpalatable truth that is as old as the first family, where one brother killed the other, over jealousy.

    In the beginning ...villages evolved, leaders emerged, and rules were established to have peace and harmony among its in nature the elders teach the young and they became the leaders. When a village wanted or needed something they didn't have and another village did, the conflicts began, because the villagers could barely sustain their own members and could not control prisoners, annihilation and slavery was born. The fear of retaliation made it imperative to kill that which they could not use. Young women and children, who could easily be assimilated and wouldn't pose a threat, were taken into slavery and the men and the old were killed. Keeping your enemy alive, running the risk he would someday rise and destroy you was not an option, feeding him, housing him, was just not practical. Controlling, incarcerating, were concepts yet to come. It was total annihilation... That's How it All Began.

    To that reality, the Warrior was born. It was not the wisest or the oldest, but the strongest and the bravest that stood between the enemy and the total destruction of everything he held dearest to him. His mother, - father, his wife, sisters, his children, and the very dirt beneath his feet he loved so passionately... the world as he knew it. The village would send out their young men, and with them rested their collective survival. Fierce they were, for upon their shoulders rested a way of life. And when they came back victorious, the Hero was born. So grateful was the village that they would shower them with all manners of gifts and flowers, they would celebrate and hail them as their protectors, as their Heroes. For they saved their world.

    As time passed villages gave themselves a distinguishing name to further identify their individuality... names such as Greeks, Persians and Romans and although they would have period of relative tranquility, inevitably the time would come when one would impose their will upon the other. And once again; the brave young men of the village would go forward to protect their way of life. Some villages vanished while others grew but it always was the young sent forward that would spill their blood for their brothers. Always it was the possession of the other that was sought or feared. Sometimes it was the beauty and the light that was feared the most, the possessions of attitudes and ideas that could revolutionize and transform a people. Night after night seeing the light that shines so bright on the Village on Hill, to some, was the most horrifying of all.

    Down through the millenniums villages have come and gone some have led, some have followed but the unpalatable truth still remains. The thing that at times is feared the most is the shining light of tolerance. That Village on the hill with the brightest light of all is a place called America. A place of incredible riches. The envy of all those who lack. Among its most precious possession is a beacon of hope that draw to it people from all over the land. The strength of this village is in a grouping of laws created by its elders to give to their children and their children's children, a manner of thinking unlike anything that has ever been. The real wealth of this village are its people drawn to it by this beacon where they found a life unlike any back home, where all their differences have became the same and have forged a place that has never been.

    And again, like many times before, this village is in peril for there are those that cannot live under the light of the City on the Hill. And they have come again, this time they don't come to just destroy the building or the wall; they come to destroy the light. They come to steal the laws and to send the people running. Unlike the enemies of the past they have no interest in the women and the young, they come this time to destroy everything and everyone. Once again the brave and the strong of the village are called like they've been so many times before and they will demonstrate to any foe the power of the light. God bless America and God bless our Heroes, our boys in uniform.

    What we hope to accomplish is to Honor our Brave men and women, and those they leave behind.


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